Products to the point of precision & convenience

As a reliable partner for surgical procedures, we are being accurate to the smallest aspect in execution and performance in order to achieve convenient and highest quality products.

Surgical and dental instruments

The comprehensive instrument range available for routine surgical procedures is complemented by customized products, tailored to specific needs supporting surgeons for best procedure results.

Container & Accessories

For the sterile supply of instruments from transport and organized storage right to the operating room the broad variety of container & accessories allow a comfortable handling and efficient use for the hospital routine.

Premium medical textiles

The convenience of use in the hospital environment and the comfort for both patients & staff equally is our paramount consideration in providing excellent quality medical textiles.

Hospital disposables

The selected vast range of medical and surgical disposables for hospitals & clinics in combination with custom-tailored procedure packs are offered to meet the individual needs of surgeons and operation staff at its best.

Being a partner means focusing on
what we can do for you

Valuating cooperation with all stakeholders we are dedicated to share our best efforts and solutions, jointly completing every challenge that might occur.

Short delivery time

Dedicated to hold a high standard in reaching shortest lead times as in reaction to inquiries & requests as well as in-time-delivery.


Providing individual consulting for our product categories, for the convenient handling of our products and the patient’s safety under consideration of efficiency aspects.


Caring most about the professional handling of our products, one of our main priorities is to share knowledge about and impart experience with our products to healthcare professionals.

Creating partnership for us means creating success

KarlsMed e.K., based in Karlsruhe, provides precise & convenient manufactured and custom-tailored products in combination with great services to clever & economical solutions for surgical teams, hospitals, clinics and wholesalers.

Responsibility and liability are the two pathways which lead us to create and guaranty value for everyone. Success for us means keeping our promises, creating mutually beneficial relationships that evolve together and therewith build reliable trustworthy partnerships.

Providing open design
to the response of specific needs

Pleased to implement your specification to achieve individually tailored solutions serving healthcare professional’s needs as well as patient’s comfort at its best.


Offering instruments in custom-tailored high-quality execution to meet the optimum of surgeon’s specific needs helping to achieve more accurate and effective results.


Covering a vast range of medical and surgical specialties for hospitals & clinics our customized procedure packs reduce costs and time in emergency surgery response procedures, surgery preparation times, storage and waste handling.


Providing dispensers designed to simplify procedures and to improve the hospital’s efficiency to enable the healthcare personal to spend their valuable time for direct patient care.

Extending the longevity
of instruments to the
advantage of costs and time

The quality of a product can easily be determined by its life cycle. Our repair service extends the value and longevity of your instruments, saving considerably costs & time as well as contributing to ecological sustainability.

Instrument repair

Exchange of broken parts: A team of dedicated specialists carry out repairs quickly and reliably.

Instrument care

Professional touch up: Sharpening blunt instruments and bringing back the perfect polish to sustain the longevity of your quality instruments. Additional optimization ensures best results in function and precision.

Instrument repair
adjustment needed?

We will be pleased to see your used or defective instruments. Kindly send your inquiry to We will get back to you with cost & timing estimate.

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